RocketScience specializes in creating Business Plans, Marketing Plans, Advertising Plan,
Corporate IDs, Advertising, Direct Mail, or Promotions for clients who need the synergy (time/money)
created by "one-stop" marketing.

The following logos represent a few of the clients we have done corporate id work for.

In most cases we have done A-Z (Business Plan to communications).
All logos property of the indicated company,
and/or RocketScience Advertising Inc (RocketScience Creative Ltd)

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| The Girard Company | Golden Bridge Technologies
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| International Motors | Luxe Hotels | LHs Sanctuary Spa | Martial Arts 2 | Miss Tanya's Dance World | MusicaVision |
| NextStep Entertainment
| NomadNetworks | NorthCoast Leadership | Ocean State Online | Persuasive Arts |
| The Professional Portfolio School | Sandella's | See!Here | ScreenZone ]

abc SoapShare RSC©1995

abc SoapShare

ABC Daytime created a special pr program that supported the community by sending "Soap" stars to charitable events, organizations, and places like hospitals. RocketScience created a logo for use as lapel pins.

Bally Total Fitness

Evolutionary design to make the Bally icon more contemporary while fitting in with the existing logo treatments.


Small health club facility exclusively for woman.

12 Americans

A unique new research marketing tool that enables companies to find the pulse of the American market place.

Luxe Hotels

The company that grown into a brand with flagged hotels.

The GDS service with nearly 200 members worldwide.

The group business icon.

The hotel properties spa.

NomadNetworks & BlueStreak

A wireless service from NomadNetworks utilizing BlueTooth technology.

AccessFund RSC©1997

The Access Fund

The Access fund is a nonprofit group dedicated to keeping public lands open to campers, hikers and climbers. The logo created by RocketScience reflects the shape of a mountain with arrows indicating access at different levels (access for camping at the base, walking near the bottom, hiking on the mountain, and climbing towards the top.

The ASM Fund RSC©1996

The ASM Fund

The ASM Fund is a mutual fund that indexes The Dow.
The logo created by RocketScience creates an "A" out of thirty "blue chips"
(the number of Blue Chip Companies that make up The Dow.


Burger King BKTV

BKTV came to life for Burger King with Dan Cortese in well over 100 tv commercials over a year and a half period. Patrick Peduto of RocketScience created the BKTV logo in an animated, "street" style to appeal to the core target (14-35).

See here

See Here is a company which specializes in video and graphics for phones.

Golden Bridge Technologies RSC©1997

Golden Bridge Technologies

Golden Bridge Technologies manufacturers a communications chip.
The logo created by RocketScience uses a stylized golden bridge to help seed a new name in the telecommunications industry.

An agency search firm accessible online.


Gaspra Technologies

A company specializing in IT. Gaspra is the name of an asteroid.
It's not easy to do icon logo for a company named after a "frozen rock."


Gratification RSC©1994

Instant Gratification

A Chicago retail store concept.

HealthyHome Environmental RSC©1997

Healthy Home Environmental

Healthy Home is a company that specializes in the discovery, and correction of environmental problems in the home such as lead, allergens, radon, asbestos, safety issues. The logo created by RocketScience creates a friendly, informative (there is an inner ring of "issues") graphic. On printed materials it suggest a "seal" such as the "Good Housekeeping" seal.


MusicaVision RSC©1997


MusicaVision launched in New York as a "Spanglish" Music cable show/channel. The logo created by RocketScience showed two young "Latino" people dressed up for an evening of dancing. The shapes of the people formed an "M" and a "V." The logo was conceived to be brought to life on tv through animation. The animation would create promos, fillers, and ids.


NextStep Entertainment is a company specializing in the convergence of web/tv programing.


NorthCoast Managment RSC©1994

NorthCoast Leadership

NorthCoast Leadership is a company based in Erie, PA that is a consultant in human resource management. The logo created by RocketScience is symbolic of the corporate "pyramid," but includes the concept of "out-of-the-box" thinking as one figure is partially outside the box. The figures are also reminiscent of the interlocking wooden block figures we played with as a kid


Sandella's is the first national chain of fast food restaurants featuring wraps. The logo created by RocketScience incorporated the cafe "painting" which was the inspiration for the interior design of the restaurants with the original "Sandella's" type treatment featured on the awning. The evolved design allowed for the addition of "Wrap Cafe" and created an icon that could be used regardless of size or application.

Pursuasive Arts RSC©1996

Persuasive Arts

Logo created by RocketScience for another creative shop whose principle is a writer.


Ocean State Online

Logo created for online news site. Rhode Island is known as "The Ocean State." The state bird is the "Red Hen." The "Red Hen" is surfing the graphic waves found on the Rhode Island license plate.


ScreenZone RSC©1997


ScreenZone is a product of Leeds Media Group.
It is a new media concept for malls. Utilizing screens reminiscent of the Times Square video presentations, ScreenZone shows movie trailers in the public areas of malls. The logo created by RocketScience combines the 1:85 shape of the screen, the "film countdown," and the concept of a target in one unique, contemporary logo. The logo was created with film, and merchandising applications anticipated.

Eagle Rock TaeKwonDo

Logo and patch for TaeKwonDo Dojang (school)

Martial Arts 2

Logo and patch for martial arts school.

The Professional Portfolio School

Logo for school.


Alaska Distillery



Logo for architectural detail store -- gargoyles, fountains, tile, statues.

The Girard Company

Theatre, Film Production, Documentaries, Actiing Classes,


Dance World

Professional Dance Studio logo (gif animation for the web).


New York City PR Company known for their guerilla work
"If you want attention and have thousands of bricks, build something.
If you have one, throw it."

International Motors

High-end automotive marque repair facility in Palm Springs area.


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