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RocketScientists' resumes include creating, producing, and directing advertising/marketing plans for
AT&T, IBM, Kodak, Burger King, Coca-Cola, Exxon, L'Eggs, Miller Beer, Nabisco, Smirnoff,
GE, Sony, Toyota, Northwest Airlines, Winston
and Wrangler.

RocketScientists have been the senior advertising executives at
BBDO, McCann Erickson, J Walter Thompson, DMB&B, Saatchi & Saatchi,
DFS, Grey Worldwide,
and Young & Rubicam.

The principle LA Scientists are:
Patrick Peduto, Founder/ECD

The principal NYC Scientists are:
Nick Pisacane, CD/copywriter;
Sandra Kosak, ACD/ad; Jane Lancellotti, copywriter

The principal Chicago Scientists are:
Cindy Wojdyla, Creative Director/ad; Monique Goffinet, Management Director

The principal Atlanta Scientists are:
Robin, Creative Director/ad; Ace, Creative Director/ad

RocketScience Interns



Lauren Pratt, FIT; Danielle Jackson, FIT; Christina Brooks, Idyllwild(CA); Charlie Mirisola,FIT; Richard Bianrosa, FIT; Julie Rutigliano, FIT; Sandra Gomes, FIT; Caprice Marut FIT; Yvonne LaRosa, FIT; Timothy Shaw, FIT; Jose Mendoza, FIT; Dawn Morris, FIT; Vassil Valkov, FIT; Jill Bitran, FIT; Timothy Mattimore, FIT; Jason Wennet, FIT; Sam Pizarro, FIT; Nicole Sarno, FIT; Natasha Walia,FIT; Gina Asaro, FIT; Beatrix Ong, LCPDT(London, England); Harry Wackett, FIT; Yana Golodnaya, FIT; Elizabeth Courtney Vanneman, FIT; Kimberly Rosen, FIT; Candice Soldano, FIT; Jason Speiser,FIT; Steven Grskovic, FIT; Peter Herbst,FIT; Solin Goldberg, FIT; Thomas Curitore, FIT; Sean Melnick, FIT; David Cuccinello, FIT; James Swift, FIT; Caprice Yu, FIT; Natalia Podogova, FIT; Keri Eisenberg, FIT; Sal Citriniti, FIT; Rubin Orter, FIT; Kristie DiCostanzo, FIT, Matt Mulvey, FIT

RocketScience Exclusive
BrandMessaging provides a blueprint that assures the message we create will be consistent with the marketing goals. And that it contains a persuassive thouth that works throughout the spectrum of media. We create a unique BrandMessaging plan for each client, product, and/or major assignment that helps maximize the placement of these messages so they will do the most to help you acheive your specific business goals. BrandMessaging must meet three key criteria. First insight, uncovering the most relevant connection between the brand and the target. Second persuasion, translating this connection into provocative advertising that get the target to act. Thirdly integration, marrying the message with the media that will be most effective.

client:Creative Artisan Brands

RocketScience is working with Creative Artisan Brands to introduce the brand nationwide. The project included everything -- Corporate ID, labels, packaging, website, ads, and trade.

client:Smoke-Free Alternativcs Trade Association

RocketScience is working with TR1AGE on a fund raising campaign, SaveTheVape.
Vaping is under attack by Big Tobacco and PhARMA. SaveTheVape is intended to raise
donations from the millions of people who are vapers an rely on vaping to help them stop smoking.

SFATA is a Washington lobby group representing the vaping industry.

client:Alaska Distillery

RocketScience worked with Alaska Distillery and United Craft Distillers to
reposition the brand and market Alaska Distillery nationwide. The project included everything
from A to Z -- Corporate ID, labels, packaging, website, ads, and trade.

Alaska Distillery produced spirits with the purest water on earth,
glacier iceberg calves harvest frm Prince William Sound. And besides making the award winning
Permafrost Vodka also produced Salmon Flavored Vodka (great for Bloody Marys),
Hemp Vodka, Alaska Outlaw Whiskey and a number of others including T L Foster Apple Pie Moonshine

client: Act!vate

RocketScience worked as the Act!vate Direct Response Agency on practically
all of the marketing and advertising. The projects cover all areas of such including strategies, positioning,
corp id, logos, graphics, property signage, presentations, print, pos, video and brand expansion.

Act!vate Brain and Body Fitness is building a revolutionary company and facility
at the intersection of brain fitness. Physical fitness for the baby boomer generation.

Act!vate believes the future of fitness is the brain-body connection and they are building
a scalable business to help people live longer/better lives by exercising
brain and body together in a comfortable environment.

A partnership which includes fitness experts,
and integrative medicine/cognitive fitness professionals of a major research hospital.

client: United Craft Distillers

"Keeping the American Spirit Alive One Barrel at a Time"

RocketScience worked with UCD to develop the marketing and
brand identity of brands under the UCD umbrella.

United Craft Distillers provides growth opportunities to innovative small and mid-size companies
in the craft spirits business. Their goal is to be the home of the best spirits brands
in the world and the first 'united artisans' company of craft distillers.

client: Luxe Hotels

Luxe creative

Luxe Hotels (the brand/flag), and Luxe Worldwide Hotels (GDS Representation).

RocketScience worked with Luxe Hotels on practically all of the
marketing and advertising. The projects cover all areas of such including strategies, positioning,
corp id, logos, graphics, property signage, presentations, print, pos, video and brand expansion.

Additional assignments include advertising for the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel,
the Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel, OnSunset (the restaurant at the Luxe Hotel Sunset Blvd)
the Luxe Sanctuary SPA, the flagging of the Luxe City Center Hotel – LA
and a soon to be announced property.

client: Bally Total Fitness Corp


Chicago based Bally Total Fitness is the only national health club business. Its products/services include Bally Total Fitness®, Crunch®, Pinnacle®, Gorilla Sports® and Sports Clubs of Canada®.

The Chicago office of RocketScience was responsible for the in-house creative
and the NYC office handled the lead agency creative requirements.

client: EliasArts
assignments: soup-to-nuts

EliasArts trade ads and CD cover

For over twenty-five years EliasArts has created award winning music for commericals and cinema.

RocketScience worked with them to handle a potpourri of marketing, advertising and IT projects.
Over a three-month period we completely redesigned the website and produced/published a 500+ page site.

client: Grand Marnier
assignment: sales materials

Schieffelin&Somerset is a major player in the wine and spirits industry.

RocketScience worked as a Strategic Partner to "relaunch" Grand Marnier. Together with ED1T, RSC has produced a number of sales videos and a live stage show for a company-wide meeting in Vegas.

client: Lipton--UnileverBestfoods
assignment: Sales Materials

Lipton is the largest tea company in the world and one of the largest beverage companies in the US.

RocketScience working with ED1T created, executed and produced the sales materials for the 2001 Lipton "Yellow" Brand repositioning. The assignment included a sales kit, a video and a PowerPoint presentation. For 2002, we created and produced two sales meeting videos.

product: wines
client: Schieffelin&Somerset Co
assignment: "still" wines

Schieffelin&Somerset is a major player in the wine and spirits industry.

As a result of the work we did on Grand Marnier, RocketScience and ED1T work on a number of wine projects for S&S. S&S wines we have worked on include Ruffino, Casa Lapostole, Terazzas, Chandon and Sancere.

E-Z Wider package
product: E-Z Wider
client: Robert Burton Associates Ltd
assignment: alternative press print, web site

E-Z Wider consumer ads, ad trade press

E-Z Wider is the brand of cigarette rolling papers we all grew up on. An icon. 

RocketScience created a new print campaign for E-Z Wider, and Slow-Burning cigarette rolling papers that runs in alternative press newspapers. The campaign ran for four years.


product: LaMotta's Tomatta Sauce
client: J LaMotta's Food Products Inc
assignment: consumer campaign

LaMotta's newspaper ads, ad trade press

LaMotta's is "the tomato sauce with punch" made by the Joe LaMotta, the son of the Prize Fighter Champion who could take a punch as good as he could give one, Jake Lamotta.

RocketScience created a consumer campaign to run in newspapers and on radio.

client: Schieffelin&Somerset
assignment: Sales Video

Ciroc is the only vodka distilled entirely from grapes.

RocketScience working with ED1T created and produced a sales film
to launch Ciroc into national distribution.

client: UnileverBestfoods
assignment: Sales Materials

Hellmann's a grocery staple.

RocketScience created and produced the sales materials for a Hellmann's/BestFoods new product launch. Working with ED1T, we also produced a number of sales/marketing meeting videos.

I wrote this book as a text book from the notes I've made teaching at FIT in New York
and online for Art Academy University out of San Francisco. It covers the creative process
from strategy (left-brain part) to the creative executions (the right-brain part). As the front cover
states, "It took 50 years on Madison Avenue, a million concepts for mostly Fortune 100 Companies
and more than a hundred professionals to write this book"
(many of whom contributed directly
to the book). Publishing January 2019

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