A web presentation isn't brain surgery
but it is RocketScience.

The web. Content driven. Visually enhanced. Viewer controlled.

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You can't tell someone much in 15 seconds.
Thirty seconds on the Super Bowl cost over two million dollars.
Thank God for the web.

For less than the cost of a magazine ad an advertiser can have a web site for an entire year. A year, not seconds, and plenty of change for a million dollars. And the web enables an advertiser to inform and persuade in a richer, more thorough way than ever before. A web site created with the insight and understanding of "the art of persuasion" will do what great advertising does. Get people's attention. Inform and persuade them. Build it with wit, wisdom, and creativity, and they will come.

Why you need RocketScience

RocketScience is a strategic web designer.
Our discipline is advertising. We create communications with a marketing purpose, and an advertiser's point-of-view. We're advertising people who create, design, execute, and maintain web sites--not designers who's purpose is to keep pushing the edge of the web presentation envelope. Although we do have our moments.

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