People I learned from. Some everything, others one thing. Knowledge is cumulative. Knowledge is geometric.
Tony Andriulli, Tony Antonetti, Linda Ardigo, Marie Arteca, Frank Arundell, Gina Asaro-Collura, Jean Batthany, Stan Becker, Warren Benjamin, Eilene Berstein, Richard Bianrosa, Jill Bitran, Scott Bivans, Jim Boden, David Boyd, Alan Brooks, Arnold Brown, Patrick Byrnes, Paul Cappelli, Dylan Carey, John Carrigan, Chris Carol, Doris Cassar, Wendy Cassel, David Charney, Ed Christie, Salvatore Citriniti, Howie Cohan, Carol Cohen, Dan Cortese, Roselyn Cosentino, Susan Cotler-Block, David Cuccinello, Fiore Custode. Joanna D’Avanzo, Cody Dalton, John Davidson, George Dean, Mary Ann Delucia, Kristie DiCostanzo, Nina DiSesa, Michael Donahue, John Dooner, O Burtch Drake, Walter Dunnington, Keri Eisenberg, Bob Feinberg, Ben Fernandez, Thom Fields, Cliff Fitzgerald, John Fitzgerald, Sean Fitzpatrick, Janet Fogarty, Thomas Fong, Gina Fortunato, Beau Fraser, Cliff Freeman, Squire Fridell, Ruby Friedland, Elena Friedman, Aaron Frisch, Earl Gandel, Anna Gargioni, Damien Girardi, Monique Goffinet, Richard Goldberg, Solin Goldberg, Yana Golddnaya, Brian Goodall, Jean Govoni, Mary Gray, Beth Griffin, Steven Grskovic, Charles Hall, Efrem Harkham, Patricia Hambrick, Ronald Harris, Bill Hartnett, Ed Heistan, Peter Herbst, Sally Herman, Jeff Hill, Tom Hodges, Jake Holmes, Jesse Holzberg, Danielle Jackson, Fifi Jacobs, Gene Johnson, Richie Kahn, J C Kaufman, Michael Keeshan, Jack Keil, Regina Kelley, Fran Kennedy, Joyce King-Thomas, Sandra Kosak, Amy Krakow, Gary Krakow, Warren Krey, Ray Krivacy, Bob Kuperman, Jane Lancellotti, Alan Landsberger, Yvonne LaRosa, Norm Lauchner, Carl Lella, Eve LeGrand-Tronson, Richard Levenson, Peter Levitan, Rich Levy, Warren Lieberman, Jim Lindsey, Jeff Lovinger, Kristine Luhrssen, Steve Luttmann, Deborah Lyons-Cohen, Joe Mack, Rod MacNichol, Ira Madris, Caprice Marut, Fred Massin, Timothy Mattimore, Phil May, Ed McCabe, Rob McKinley, Peter McSpadden, Barney Melsky, Jose Mendoza, Erin Milhaven, Deena Miller, Madeline Miller, Charles Mirasola, Judy Mitchell, Wendell Minor, Frank Mooney, Dawn Morris, Frank Moscati, Roger Mosconi, Mathew Mulvey, Sherry Nemmers, John Nieman, Paul Nye, Georgi Offrell, Françoises Grunz Olives, Dan O’Neill, Rubin Orter, Maxine Paetro, Joe Pallotta, James Patterson, Martin Pazzani, Martha Peters-Bailey, George Pierson, Nick Pisacane, Sam Pizarro, Joe Pompeo, Janie Posadas, Lauren Pratt, Gordon Price, Don Prieto, Natalia Prodogova, Penelope Queen, Ted Roman, Kimberly Rosen, Scott Rossborough, Julie Rutigliano, Lynda Santiago, Nicole Sarno, Barry Seidman, Timothy Shaw, Linda Shepard, Judith Shepherd, Mark Silveira, Joanna Skiba, Jack Smart, Holly Smith, Alan Snedeker, Candice Soldano, Robin South, Jason Speiser, Paige St John Patterson, Don Stogo, John Sullivan, Gary Susnjara, James Swift, Neil Tardio, Naomi Taubleb, Stu Upson, Vassil Valkov, Elizabeth Vanneman , Steve Vengrove, Bill Vickery, Harry Wackett, Natasha Walia, Ed Wax, Eric Weber, Jason Wennet, Bill West, Mark Wilmont, Jay Wolf, Marianne Woroniak, Cindy Wojdyla, Marya Lenn Yee, Karpui Yu, Helena Zachar, Vinnie Zelenka, Michael Zimbard
*Names in bold contributed read bites in this book.
been there. done it.
ABC Entertainment, Access Fund, Act!vate, A-Cute Derm,,, Ahava, Alaska Distillery, The ASM Fund, AT&T, Alka-Seltzer, Almond Joy, AVIS, Bayer Aspirin, BCTKD, Bally Total Fitness, Beech Nut Gum, BellSouth, Beneficial, Birds Eye, Burger King, CABi, Camel Filters, Canon, Century 21, Chelsea Market, Ciroc Vodka, Citibank, Clairol Ultress, Club Med, Coca-Cola Classic, Coke II, Computer Works, Con Edison, Cox Interactive Media, Crunch, Cuervo 1800, Dance World, Delta, Diet Coke, Don Q Rum, The Donnelley Directory, E-Z Wider, EasyLink--AT&T, EagleRockTKD, EliasArts, Eve France, Exxon, Florida Citrus Commission, Frontier Brands, GE Rechargable Batteries, GM Credit Card, Girard Company, Gold Medal Flour, Grand Marnier, IBM--Latin America, Hamm’s Beer, Hanes Hoisery, Hardee’s, Healthy Home Environmental, Hellmann’s, Holiday Inn,, Honey Graham Bears, ICI Americas, International Motors, Interview Magazine, Investment Expo, JAL, JetUSA, Joker, Kellogg’s, Kodak Gold & Ektar Films, Kodak Photo CD, Kodak 35mm Cameras, Krystal, The La Quinta Baking Company, Lamaze Publishing, LaMotta’s Tomatta Sauce, Laptop Lady, Lexus, L’Eggs Sheer Energy, Lipton, Lordi Auto Body, L’OREAL, Lucent, IRS, Life Savers, Lufthansa, Luxe Hotels, Manhattan Mortgage Company, Mario Pikus, Marriott, MartialArts2, McDonald’s, MGD, Miller Beer, Mistic, Molson, Nabisco Cookies, National Car Rental, National Council for Adoption, Navan, New Jersey Online, New York Life, News-Works, Nomad Networks, Northcoast Consulting Group, NYC Office for Economic Development, Nikon Cameras, Northwest Airlines, Nucoa Margarine, Olympia Beer, PT-1, Palm Springs International Raceplex, PaineWebber, Parker Brothers, PheasantRun, Pizza Hut, Pleasant Company, Ponds, The Portfolio School, Prodigy, Nuprin, Ragu,, Ruffino, Rums of Puerto Rico, Rival Dog Food, Sandella’s Cafe, Schick Electric, SFATA, Silver City Vapors, Skippy, Smirnoff, STP Motor Oil, Stella Show Management,, T42, Tailwinds Distilling Company, Tampax, TIME, The Talbot Hotel, Ted Roman, Tommy Hilfiger, Toyota, The US Army, The US Postal Service, Unisys, United Craft Distillers, UrbanGlass, Virgin Atlantic, The Wall Street Journal, Winston, Wrangler, Wendy’s, Wheaties, The Woolmark Company, Yoplait.

Traditional advertising principles for successful advertising needed for all media including social media.

From the blank mind and page to the execution of an idea that works. One hundred and sixty-five pages covering strategy, art direction, copy writing and production. Author Patrick Peduto, along with forty highly successful Madison Avenue creative, account people and professors, delve into the principles and nuances of advertising strategies and the skills need to execute and sell them.

Patrick worked for five of the top-ten agencies in the world at every line job — creative director, copywriter, art director and TV producer/director. He went on to found his own agency and has taught advertising creative in NYC and online. Combining what he learned working in the business and teaching over 1000 students he wrote, “I wrote the book on Advertising” as a text book explaining the process and how to do it.

The book took decades of work, millions of ideas and thousands of people to write. From day one as an adjunct professor at FIT, he kept notes detailing the lessons he used to pass the information on to students. As a result the book wrote itself within a few months.

The format is linear and random access. Which means the book does not need to be read from cover-to-cover. The book is broken into seventeen chapters -- covering advertising strategy, art direction, copy writing and production. The paragraphs are numbered to provide easy reference. The book has three columns. The center, wide column is the thread of the book. The narrower left and right columns feature read bites from contributors, examples, editorial comments and specific info for students.

Patrick taught many of the creative directors, writers, art directors, producers, directors and professors working in NYC, Chicago and LA. And some in other countries.


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