Patrick Peduto graduated from the Ringling School of Art with a BFA. His first job was in the bullpen of Dancer, Fitzgerald and Sample. Evenings he took advertising concept courses at The School of Visual Arts.
Pat is the Executive Creative Director/Founder of RocketScience. He has worked as an art director, writer and/or producer on over 200 Fortune 100 Brands for Dancer Fitzgerald and Sample, Saatchi & Saatchi, Young &Rubicam, McCann-Erickson, J. Walter Thompson and DMB&B.
His most notable and award winning work includes Toyota--You Asked For It/Oh What A Feeling, Wrangler, the Northwest Airlines--Asia Series campaign, Smirnoff--Home is where you find it, Kodak, Burger King--BKTV and Bally Total Fitness--Every Body Needs Something.
In addition, Pat is a DGA Director, and has shot nearly 300 television commercials.
For nineteen years, Pat also taught at The Fashion Institute of Technology -- a SUNY college. By the time he left he was an Adjunct Assistant Professor teaching a Concept Workshop, a Portfolio Course, an Advertising Graphic Design Class and an Art Direction Class. Currently Pat teaches concept classes to people all over the world online for the Academy of Art University out of San Francisco
As a side benefit to all of his "around-the-world" business traveling, Pat has also turned an interest in photography into a minor career in photography--selling a number of photos each year to advertisers and magazines.
In 1980 and '81, Pat and Judith Shepherd were partners in a venture called, THE DIRECTORY®--the first distributed video directory of commercial directors, production houses, animators and editors.
Pat is a 6th Degree Black Belt and student of Aikido. For nearly twenty years he taught TaeKwonDo at the S. Henry Cho Karate Institute -- the first commercial TaeKwonDo school in the United States.
Pat is a member of the Directors Guild of America.
Having spent a great deal of time behind the camera, in 2010 Pat decided to stand in front of it. He has done a couple of plays, and a number of films.

Commercial Director

Burger King "Big Fish"
Burger King "Dollhouse"
Burger King "Golly"
Burger King "Big Chicken"
The ASM Fund "Michael"
TWIX "Twix it up"
Stockgroup "Meditation"
Burger King "Vote"
Bally Total Fitness "Beach"
Bally Total Fitness "Suit"
Bally Total Fitness "Swimsuit"
Burger King "Ode to a penny"

PEDUTO© photography

Patrick Peduto in Thailand 1988 by Peter Levitan

Other Lives

Excluding my wonderful family life with Judith & Ron.


Having done every job behind, beside, under and on top of the camera; circumstances placed me in front of it. A place I never intended to be. But I got hooked on acting. It's hard. It's scary. It fits my philosophy of, if you're not learning something new and scaring the shit out of yourself then you are just waiting to die.

martial artist

Sixth Dan/Master/Instructor TaeKwonDo and student of Aikido. Trained under Master S Henry Cho in NYC. Master Cho had the first commercial TaeKwonDo school in the United States.


When I saw Al Pacino do the Tango in "Scent of a Woman" I knew I had to be able to do that someday. So I took classes and won a Pro-Am Tango Competition with my instructor, Tanya Phillips.
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Patrick Peduto | The World's Most Experienced Creative Director | EP: 031

Most Experienced ECD?

Of course, you can argue with my description of Patrick (Pat) Peduto. But go ahead and argue with the following...

ECD on accounts like Burger King, Toyota, AT&T, Nabisco. See the list at the bottom.

Author of "I Wrote The Book On Advertising"

Member of the Directors Guild & commercial director.



Owner of the agency RocketScience Marketing.

Pat's clients.... (listed by Peter and below)

Patrick Peduto | How To Lose An $80 Million Advertising Account Overnight | EP: 013

Would You Like Your Advertising Agency And TV Commercial On The Front Page Of The New York Times? Not This Executive Creative Director. Not This Time.

Let's just start with 1988's The New York Times headline:

Cigarette Maker Cuts Off Agency That Made Smoking-Ban TV Ads

Patrick Peduto was the ECD and I was the Management Supervisor on Saatchi's Northwest Airlines account. We were just doing our jobs, even super well, when unbeknownst to us, RJR Nabisco simply got pissed off at one of our Northwest Airlines commercials.

More show notes about this story including the New York Times story about our no smoking TV commercial are on
Each week on “Marketing For Your Future”, our host talks to media experts across the country. This week our host speaks with Patrick Peduto from RocketScience. To learn more, check out

Patrick Peduto

Founder/ECD At RocketScience
Website Address:

PEDUTO: Clients waking up to the fact they actually have to own an idea to have a brand AND sales. The return of the marketing strategy.

PEDUTO: That it is only a piece of a brand's communications.

PEDUTO: Just about everything. I say, “it’s not that I’m smart, I made this mistake.”
Pasquale Patsy Anthony Peduto was my grandfather. He lived in what was called, "The Bush" on the south side of Carbondale, PA a coal-mining town of Catholic Italian immigrants. Patsy started in the mines and eventually opened a bar – Patsy's Beer Garden.

Patsy was quite an entrepreneur he built a huge home on Gordon Ave in "The Bush" with his beer garden, a restaurant and small grocery on the first floor and the residence over it. The home had a huge formal dining room and formal living room. I believe both of these were actually added to the home at a later date for reasons that will become clear. In essence, Patsy was living over a strip mall. The coal mines ran under the bar as they did every house in the neighborhood.

The Great Depression and the strikes in the coal mines were particularly hard on the neighborhood. According to my father, Patsy carried everyone in the neighborhood on the books in both the bar and the grocery. And when people went back to work they paid him back. "No one stiffed him."

Prohibition was a problem if you owned a bar. Patsy never went past the 4th grade but he was one smart, shrewd man. The Eighteen Amendment did not ban all alcohol, it allowed private ownership and possession of alcohol; however, in many areas, local laws were stricter. So for the thirteen years of prohibition Patsy made homemade wine -- a lot of homemade wine. Every year Patsy brought in three box cars full of Muscatel grapes from California. Each boxcar held 17 tons of grapes. Each ton made three barrels of wine. Each barrel held 55 gallons. My father estimates, each year Patsy made nearly 40,000 bottles of wine.

The oak barrels Patsy used were bought from a distillery and had originally been used to age whisky. To age the wine in the barrels and hide the production of the wine he built a cellar, on a hill behind the main house at 205 Gordon Avenue. He later built a shell of a house over it to help disguise it (house shown in photo). The house was finished on the outside and nothing but 2X4s inside; a set. It was a movie set.

I lived in the little house on the hill and the basement had a dirt floor with many of the oak barrels still there -- there was a little wine left in one. The neighbor had the rather large wine press in his garage. The neighborhood helped make the wine. Patsy took the first pressing for the bar. The others were allowed subsequent pressings. He also gave them some of their own grapes.

Above I mentioned that often the local laws were stricter than the federal law. The formal dining room in Patsy's home was very elegant with hand-painted frescos and a huge dining table in the middle with chairs to seat ten people. Sundays Patsy had local politicians, judges and law enforcement people over for dinner. I know no more about this than what one can conclude from this. And it's what suggests to me the dining room and formal living room were built after prohibition began. The two rooms were perfect for entertaining for they flowed into each other and were obviously attached later. My father never went into this, which says something for he was eighteen when prohibition ended.

On October 6, 1979 my father, my son and I re-bottled the last of Patsy's wine. Patsy made the wine in October 1929 or 1930. His son Mike first bottled it around 1935. I have one bottle that is probably vinegar.
been there, done it:
ABC Entertainment, Access Fund, Act!vate, A-Cute Derm,,, Ahava, Alaska Distillery, The ASM Fund, AT&T, Alka-Seltzer, Almond Joy, AVIS, Bayer Aspirin, BCTKD, Bally Total Fitness, Beech Nut Gum, BellSouth, Beneficial, Birds Eye, Burger King, Camel Filters, Canon, Century 21, Chelsea Market, Ciroc Vodka, Citibank, Clairol Ultress, Club Med, Coca-Cola Classic, Coke II, Computer Works, Con Edison, Cox Interactive Media, Creative Artisan Brands, Crunch, Cuervo 1800, Dance World, Delta, Diet Coke, Don Q Rum, The Donnelley Directory, E-Z Wider, EasyLink--AT&T, EagleRockTKD, EliasArts, Eve France, Exxon, Florida Citrus Commission, Frontier Brands, GE Rechargable Batteries, GM Credit Card, Girard Company, Gold Medal Flour, Grand Marnier, IBM--Latin America, Hamm's Beer, Hanes Hoisery, Hardee's, Healthy Home Environmental, Hellmann's, Holiday Inn,, Honey Graham Bears, ICI Americas, International Motors, Interview Magazine, Investment Expo, JAL, JetUSA, Joker, Kellogg's, Kodak Gold & Ektar Films, Kodak Photo CD, Kodak 35mm Cameras, Krystal, The La Quinta Baking Company, Lamaze Publishing, LaMotta's Tomatta Sauce, Laptop Lady, Lexus, L'Eggs Sheer Energy, Lipton, Lordi Auto Body, L'OREAL, Lucent, IRS, Life Savers, Lufthansa, Luxe Hotels, Manhattan Mortgage Company, Mario Pikus, Marriott, MartialArts2, McDonald's, MGD, Miller Beer, Mistic, Molson, Nabisco Cookies, National Car Rental, National Council for Adoption, Navan, New Jersey Online, New York Life, NewsWorks, Nomad Networks, Northcoast Consulting Group, NYC Office for Economic Development, Nikon Cameras, Northwest Airlines, Nucoa Margarine, Olympia Beer, PT-1, Palm Springs International Raceplex, PaineWebber, Parker Brothers, PheasantRun, Pizza Hut, Pleasant Company, Ponds, The Portfolio School, Prodigy, Nuprin, Ragu,, Ruffino, Rums of Puerto Rico, Rival Dog Food, SFATA, Sandella's Cafe, Schick Electric, Skippy, Smirnoff, STP Motor Oil, Stella Show Mangement,, T42, Tailwinds Distilling Company, Tampax, TIME, The Talbot Hotel Ted Roman, Tommy Hilfiger, Toyota, The US Army, The US Postal Service, Unisys, United Craft Distillers, UrbanGlass, Virgin Atlantic, The Wall Street Journal, Winston, Wrangler, Wendy's, Wheaties, The Woolmark Company, Yoplait.
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A creative resource for companies, services and brands, a partner for public relations firms and a phantom resource for advertising agencies.
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