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It's not brain surgery but it is RocketScience.
First iteration 1994.
BrandMessaging provides a blueprint that assures the message we create will be consistent with the marketing goals. And that it contains a persuasive key thought that works throughout the spectrum of media. We create a unique BrandMessaging plan for each client.


The principle LA Scientists are:
Patrick Peduto, Founder/ECD

The principal NYC Scientists are:
Nick Pisacane, CD/copywriter;
Sandra Kosak, ACD/ad; Jane Lancellotti, copywriter

The principal Chicago Scientists are:
Cindy Wojdyla, CD/ad; Monique Goffinet, Management Director

The principal Atlanta Scientists are:
Robin, Creative Director/ad; Ace, Creative Director/ad


"I wrote the book on advertising."
BookBaby and Amazon

Patrick Peduto

It took 50 years on Madison Avenue, a million concepts for mostly Fortune 100 Companies and more than a hundred professionals to write this book.

"I wrote the book on advertising" is written by Patrick Peduto whose had every line job in the agency creative departments.

Patrick worked for five of the top-ten advertising agencies in the world and his own as an art director, copywriter, designer, creative director and commercial film director. Over the last 50 years he worked on over 200 products for Fortune 100 companies and entrepreneurs.

As a professor, Patrick has taught for over 30 years. First at FIT in NYC and currently online for AAU. Over those years he made notes to write a book aimed at students and people new to advertising.

It's a text book written to be read cover-to-cover OR opened to any page to read a topic. Not only are the pages numbered but the paragraphs are too for reference. There is an index in the back. The book contains nearly 500 photos and graphics with links to TV commercials on my YouTube channel.

The book is not a 101 effort but more of an insight into the creative jobs -- the good, the bad and the ugly. It includes "readmits" (soundbites) in the margins from fifty other professionals and students. And there are many MadMan stories that he experienced. Like the day 25 Hells' Angels showed up in the lobby of the Chryslers Building and asked for him. Or the day a baby elephant walked past his office on the 10th floor of DFS.

Hardcover. 160 pages. Passing it forward.
"I wrote the book on advertising"
YouTube Channel


"I wrote the book on advertising."
BookBaby and Amazon.
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Born in a small, depressed coal-mining town in Pennsylvania, Patrick Peduto worked for five of the top-ten advertising agencies in the world. He started in the bullpen at Dancer-Fitzgerald-Sample on Madison Avenue. He moved quickly up the ladder to assistant art director, art director then art director/producer. He moved to the copy side. After becoming a copywriter he continued up the agency ladder to become a group head, associate creative director then creative director.
As a creative director at DMB&B he had the opportunity to become a DGA commercial director on Burger King. Over the years Pat has directed over 100 TV commercials. In 1994 Pat founded his own agency, RocketScience where he had entrepreneurial clients, did phantom work for the major NYC agencies and opened a second office in Chicago to handle Bally Total Fitness. In 1988 Pat started teaching evening advertising classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology (SUNY). Today he teaches on-line for the Academy of Art University (SUCA).

A Collaboration Born of Success.

Patrick Peduto and Martin Pazzani met on opposite sides of the Smirnoff brand at the then agency of record, McCann-Erickson/NY. Martin, the Smirnoff Brand Manager, had put McCann on notice and wanted a new campaign. McCann put ten creative teams on the job of saving the account. The team of Pat&Paige -- Patrick Peduto and Paige St John -- created HOME IS WHERE YOU FIND IT and saved the account for McCann. Since then, over the years Martin and Pat have worked together on a number of brands. The relationship varies with the brand. Sometimes Martin is the client and sometimes he's part of RocketScience. Currently they have a collaboration called, TR1AGE that specializes in spirits, healthcare, fitness and brands that need the breath of life.
RocketScience is a boutique, triage advertising agency that marries BrandMessaging with persuasive, provocative creative.

A creative resource for companies, services and brands, a partner for public relations firms and a phantom resource for advertising agencies.
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