To name a few.

Fortune 100 to individual,  brilliant entrepreneurs. 

Creative Artisan Brands

RocketScience worked with Creative Artisan Brands to introduce the brand nationwide. The project includes everything -- corporate ID, labels, packaging, website, ads, sales kit and trade.

Smoke-Free Alternatives
Trade Association

Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association

SFATA is a Washington lobby group representing the vaping industry. RocketScience is working with TR1AGE on a fund raising campaign – SaveTheVape. Vaping is under attack by Big Tobacco and PhARMA.

Alaska Distillery

RocketScience worked with Alaska Distillery and United Craft Distillers to reposition the brand and market Alaska Distillery nationwide. The project included everything
from A to Z -- Corporate ID, labels, packaging, website, POS, merchandise, ads, and trade.
The perfect example of how nothing will kill a mismanaged brand faster than great advertising.

Act!vate Brain & Body

RocketScience worked as the Act!vate Direct Response Agency on practically all of the marketing and advertising. The projects cover all areas of such including strategies, positioning, corp id, logos, graphics, property signage, presentations, print, pos, video, merchandise and brand expansion.

United Craft Distillers

United Craft Distillers

"Keeping the American Spirit Alive One Barrel at a Time"

RocketScience worked with UCD to develop the marketing and brand identity of brands under the UCD umbrella. Two examples of this are Alaska Distillery and Tailwinds Distilling Company.

Luxe Hotels Worldwide

RocketScience worked with Luxe Hotels on practically all of the
marketing and advertising. The projects cover all areas of such including strategies, positioning,
corp id, logos, graphics, property signage, presentations, print, pos, video, merchandise, property items and worldwide brand expansion.

Bally Total Fitness

Bally Total Fitness was the only national health club. Its products and services included Bally Total Fitness®, Crunch®, Pinnacle®, Gorilla Sports® and Sports Clubs of Canada®.

The Chicago office of RocketScience was responsible for the in-house creative and the NYC office handled the lead agency assignments.


For over twenty-five years EliasArts has created award winning music for commercials and cinema.

RocketScience worked with them to handle a potpourri of marketing, advertising and IT projects.
Over a three-month period we completely redesigned the website and produced/published a 500+ page site.

Grand Marnier

RocketScience worked as a Strategic Partner to "relaunch" Grand Marnier. Together with ED1T, RSC produced a number of sales videos and a live stage show for a company-wide meeting in Vegas.

Lipton Tea

RocketScience working with ED1T created, executed and produced the sales materials for the 2001 Lipton "Yellow" Brand repositioning. The assignment included a sales kit, a video and a PowerPoint presentation. For 2002, we created and produced two sales meeting videos.

e-z wider

E-Z Wider is the brand of cigarette rolling papers we all grew up on. An icon. RocketScience created a new print campaign for E-Z Wider, and Slow-Burning cigarette rolling papers that ran in alternative press newspapers. The campaign ran for four years.

LaMotta's Tomatta Sauce

LaMotta's is "the tomato sauce with punch" made by Joe LaMotta, the son of the Prize Fighter Champion who could take a punch as good as he could give one, Jake LaMotta. RocketScience created a consumer campaign to run in newspapers and on radio.

Lipton Tea


RocketScience created and produced the sales materials for a Hellmann's and BestFoods new product launch. Working with ED1T we also produced a number of sales and marketing meeting videos.

International Commercial Collections

RocketScience working with South&South rebranded ICC, a sister company to Szabo Media Collection both based in Atlanta, GA. ICC, "Get Paid. No one gets hurt, not even their feelings."

Cîroc Vodka

Cîroc is the only vodka distilled entirely from grapes. RocketScience working with ED1T created and produced a sales film to launch Cîroc® into national distribution.
RocketScience is a boutique, triage advertising agency that marries BrandMessaging with persuasive, provocative creative.

A creative resource for companies, services and brands, a partner for public relations firms and a phantom resource for advertising agencies.
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